Gigi and Sissy…Cracking the Code

Sissy and I are a team, but on paper, we’re about as mismatched as fruit loops and cornstarch. She’s a little Brazilian bombshell who loves kids. (Think Rita Ora Goes Nanny––big smile, big brain and really big…pectoralis muscles?) And I am Gigi, a mommy from the south, who would be dull as toast if it weren’t for the imaginary riff raff that makes the occasional escape from my head to paper or canvas. Together we are nanny and mommy to Annie (age 6) and Flynn (age 3).

Blogging is the last thing either of us expected to be doing. Sissy, because she’s always second-guessing her writing despite impeccable English. Me, because I’m a social media ding dong. And both of us, because our days are fast and furious. Who the heck has time to write a blog?

But one day a trifecta happened at our house and everything changed. First, Sissy and Flynn met a bunch of downer nannies at the playground. Second, Annie shared some very creative body part words she’d heard at school. And third, I realized Instagram was NOT a constipation vitamin. By the end of the day, I was standing on the front porch with Sissy, both of us convinced blogging was the answer to everything in life.

Sure, our blog will include crazy kid stories like the millions of other mommy blogs out there – things we totally nailed and things we totally botched. But more than that, our stories are about a mommy and a nanny who have cracked the code on teamwork. Teamwork that yields an incredible support system for Annie and Flynn, yes, but for each other, too.  Because we have come to understand the tender balance mommies and nannies must find in the midst of raising children:  We refuse to lose the many things that make us who we are as individuals and at the same time, we are excited to find our very best selves thanks to all the children teach us.

Whether you’re a mommy or a nanny or anything in between, maybe you will see some of yourself in our stories. Maybe you’ll pick up an idea or two. Or maybe you’ll just have a good laugh. No matter what, though, we’re glad you’re taking a moment to join us. High fives and fistpounds to all of you!

Welcome to crazy.

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